Draft Policies and Procedures Posted for Comment




Applies To:  These procedures apply to all University employees and applicants for University employment.
Brief Description:  Local procedures to implement the University Whistleblower Protection Policy and assure an appropriate response to any known or suspected allegations of retaliation for making a protected disclosure or refusing to obey an illegal order.
January 1, 2019
Applies To:  All Principal Investigators (PIs) and anyone working in a UC Merced laboratory.
Brief Description:  In order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in campus laboratories, this policy establishes a procedure for correcting deficiencies and issues of non-compliance.
September 30, 2018
Applies To:  All University employees, including faculty and staff, students and non-affiliates.
Brief Description:  Local policy that describes the University's policy on expressive activities and assembly, including protests, demonstrations, outside speakers and posting, including time, place and manner procedures implemented pursuant to this policy.
April 30, 2018
Applies To:  Positions in the Professional & Support Staff, Managers & Senior Professionals, and Senior Management Group personnel programs.
Brief Description:  This UC policy describes recruitment and promotion requirements for the staff personnel programs listed above. 
July 28, 2017
Policy on Assurance of Laboratory Safety Compliance
Applies To:  All Principal Investigators (PI's) and anyone working in a UC Merced laboratory.
Brief Description:  UC Merced policy that outlines minimum safety procedures and requirements, and establishes a procedure for correcting deficiencies and issues of non-compliance in campus laboratories. 
Status:  This policy was discussed with Deans' Council and is currently under review by UC Merced Academic Senate.
September 29, 2017
This policy is currently under review by UC Merced Academic Senate


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Draft Glossary for IS and IT policies

Applies To:  All UC Locations, and includes all Workforce Members, Suppliers, Service Providers and other authorized users of Institutional Information and IT Resources. This policy does not apply to UC students, but does apply to All devices, independent of their location or ownership, when connected to a UC network or cloud service used to store or process Institutional Information. It also applies to Research projects performed at any Location, and UC-sponsored work performed by any Location.
Brief Description:  This presidential policy provides a security framework that protects UC's Institutional Information and IT Resources from accidental or intentional unauthorized access, loss or damage, while preserving UC's collaborative academic culture. 
July 24, 2017
New Presidential Policy on Export Controls
Applies To:  All University employees and non-employees including students, visiting scholars, independent contractors.
Brief Description:  UCOP Policy that provides a framework for all University locations to develop export control compliance programs, identifies responsible offices and individuals and describes their responsibilities.
May 31, 2017
This policy is currently under review by UC Merced Academic Senate

Nondiscrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace


Academic Personnel Policy Section 015, The Faculty Code of Conduct (APM - 015)

Applies To:  All University applicants and employees, and where stated in policy, to unpaid interns, volunteers, participants in a training program leading to employment and independent contractors. 
Brief Description:  Revised UCOP Policy and Academic Personnel Manual sections that describe UC's commitment to providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.  Policy revisions modify language to comply with changes to California state law (AB 1433), Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).
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Environmental Health and Safety Policy 
Applies To:  All University of California locations. 
Brief Description:  UCOP Policy that establishes minimum standards required to maintain a safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and surrounding community members; and to preserve resources and protect the environment from adverse impacts.
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Applies To:  All University locations and offices associated with developing and reviewing Presidential policies.  Does not affect policy activities associated with the Academic Personnel Manual. 
Brief Description:  UCOP Policy that outlines the current process for development and review of both new and existing policies and procedures, and provides clear and consistent guidance for the development, review and vetting process.
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Interim Policy on Research Data Storage
Applies To:  All University employees, students, affiliates, volunteers and trainees engaged in research-related activities at UC Merced. 
Brief Description:  Campus Policy intended to promote a collaboration between researchers and IT staff to ensure research data are being stored locally with appropriate security controls, and in compliance with system-wide Electronic Information Security policies.  This is an interim policy/procedure and may be revised as system-wide policies are revised and updated.
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