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Business and Financial Affairs


401    Accounting

401.01        University of California Accounting Manual

401.02        Business and Finance Bulletins

401.04        Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) Policy

401.05        Sales and Service

401.05a      Establishment of Auxiliary Enterprises

401.05b      References and Introduction for University Direct Cost Procedures

401.05c      Academic Support Costing and Bill

401.05d      Costing and Working Capital for Auxiliary and Service Enterprises

401.05e      Determination of Financial Feasibility of Projects Requiring Loan Financing

401.05f       Housing and Food Services Operations - Uniform Cost Accounting System

401.06        Carry Forward of Year End Funds

402    Cash

402.01        Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received

402.02        Petty Cash Policy

402.02a        Petty Cash Guidelines

402.03        Cash Controls    

403    Payroll 

403.01        Attendance, Time Reporting, and Leave Accrual Records

403.02        Official Pay Dates

403.03        Accounting for and Tax Reporting of Mandatory Deductions and
Insurance Benefit Contributions

403.04        Income Tax Information in the Accounting Manual

403.05        Internal Control Standards: Departmental Payrolls

404    Disbursements

404.01        Travel Policy

404.01b        Request for Exemption to Policy

404.01c        Transient Occupancy Tax Exemption

404.01d        Clarification - Receipt Requirement

404.02        Entertainment Policy

404.02a        Entertainment Reimbursement Procedure

404.02b        Request for Exemption to Policy

404.02c        Employee Non-Cash Awards and other Gifts

404.02d        Gifts to Non-Employees on behalf of UC

404.03        Relocation Policy - G-13

404.03a        Relocation Guidelines 

404.03b        G-13 issuance letter, March 31, 2010

404.03c        Mileage Reimbursement Rate

404.04        Senior Management Automobile Policy and Procedure

404.05        Honorarium Payments