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Draft Policies and Procedures Undergoing Review




Proposed Revised PPSM 2.210: Absence from Work

Clean Version

Tracked Version

Applies To: Positions in the Professional & Support Staff, Managers & Senior Professionals, and Senior Management Group Members personnel programs.

Description: Revisions to PPSM 2.210 are in regard to paid sick leave for policy-covered staff employees and include: 

  • Expand eligibility for paid sick leave for part-time employees.
  • Expand the reasons for which employees may use paid sick leave;
  • Provide protected paid sick leave;
  • Extend the period during which paid sick leave may be reinstated if an employee is reemployed after a separation from employment.
Review Ended 
April 29, 2024

Proposed Revised Policy BFB-BUS-50: Controlled Substances Use In Research and Teaching

Applies To: UC faculty, staff, and Authorized Individuals who use Controlled Substances, DEA Listed Chemicals, and/or California Precursor Chemicals in UC research and teaching activities.

Description: The UC policy is proposed to be revised and includes the following key issues:

  • Clarify in detail the scope of duties of the Campus Controlled Substances Programs and the Controlled Substances Program Officers;
  • Define the Campus Designation form of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Registration and address requirements applicable to DEA Registrations other than Campus Designation, such as individual schedule I DEA Registrations;
  • Provide more specific procedures regarding Powers of Attorney;
  • Provide additional guidance as to import, export, interstate and intrastate use, transfer and transport of Controlled Substances, as well as Controlled Substances Analogues and DEA-exempt chemical preparations; and
  • Establish responsible units and individuals for patient care and clinical Controlled Substances Program.


Review Ended 
April 8, 2024

Proposed Recission of the
Presidential Policy
on Hoverboards


Applies To: All University Locations including Medical Centers

Description: The UC policy is proposed to be rescinded to address the following key issues:

  • The policy was envisioned as a temporary, emergency policy to address fire risks created by individuals charging hoverboard batteries in or on UC properties. 
  • Since the policy was adopted, the following developments have occurred:
    • Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) testing and listing for lithium ion-powered equipment and batteries has become more prescriptive.
    • The California Office of the State Fire Marshal released a guidance document (23-003) in April of 2023 related to the storage and charging of these types of devices.
    • California Assembly Bill 712 was signed into law in July of 2023 and requires landlords to allow tenants to recharge micro-mobility devices in their units. UC Legal has determined this Assembly Bill does apply to UC housing.
    • The UC Council of Campus Fire Marshals released guidance in August 2023 specific to this type of equipment and its use at UC locations. 
  • With technology evolving rapidly, the University is better served by relying on outside standard-setting bodies, such as UL, and best practice guidance from the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Review Ended
March 14, 2024

Proposed Revised Presidential Policy
Use of University Vehicles

Clean Version

Redline Version

Applies To: All Campuses, Medical Centers, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Brief Description: The policy is proposed to be revised and includes the following key issues:

  • The inclusion of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) as a standard for eligibility to drive on behalf of the University.
  • Implementation will apply to all drivers on University business – not solely employees.
  • Establishment of Vehicle Collision Review Committees to review collisions, determine preventability, and promote driver safety awareness.
  • Establishment of guidelines for drivers involved in preventable collisions including training, suspension, and potential revocation of driving privileges.


Review Ended 
February 28, 2024

Proposed UC Merced Policy on Recharge Revenue Materiality Threshold

Applies To: All campus constituents who currently operate Rate-Based Units and those who intend to establish new Rate-Based Units.

Brief Description: The proposed policy will aid the campus in managing resources efficiently by clearly defining Recharge activities and establishing a Materiality Threshold of $20,000 for new and existing Rate-Based Units. 

Review Ended September 11, 2023

UC Merced Interim Procedure on
Abusive Conduct in the Workplace


Applies To: All University employees, including administrators, staff, faculty, other academic appointees, student employees, fellows, visiting scholars, and unpaid interns, as well as nonaffiliates. The procedure includes, but is not limited to, conduct that occurs in person or through other means such as electronic media. The procedure also applies to students in their capacity as student employees if they are Complainants, Respondents or Reporters.

Brief Description: The Procedures are intended to implement and supplement the UC Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace, which became effective January 1, 2023. The systemwide Abusive Conduct Policy and the local campus Procedures replace UC Merced’s previous Policy on Prohibition of Abusive Conduct and Acts of Violence by University Employees and Non-Affiliates, which was rescinded on January 1, 2023. 

Review Ended September 1, 2023

UC Merced Policy on Transmission to University Archive


Applies To: All UC Merced employees who handle administrative records, and all inactive records documenting the university's decision making processes, the functions of the university, and the essential cultural history of the campus, such as administrative records, general publications, and records concerning student organizations.

Brief Description: This proposed UC Merced policy codifies instructions currently present in the UC Records Retention Schedule regarding the transferring of relevant campus records to the University Archives.


Review Ended September 1, 2023