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Physical Operations and Facilities

651    University of California Facilities Manual

652    Space Standards, Guidelines and Checklists

           652.01       Administrative and Academic Space Policy and Guidelines

653    Buildings and Grounds

           653.01       Building/Site Management Policy

                              653.01a   Modifications to Office, Laboratory and Classroom Space  

           653.02       University-Provided Housing

                              653.02a    December 2009 Letter of Clarification

           653.03        Smoking Policy

           653.04        Animal Policy

           653.05        Use of University Properties and Event Arrangements

                               653.05a    Alcohol Permit Request

           653.06        Use of Portable Electric Space Heaters

           653.07        Office and Classroom Thermal Comfort

           653.08        Holiday Decor Policy

654    Transportation and Parking

           654.01        Parking Regulations

           654.02        Citation Payments and Appeals

655    Fleet Services

656    Mail Service

           656.01        Distribution of Periodicals

                              656.01a       Distribution Agreement

657    Shipping and Receiving

           657.01        Shipping Procedures

           657.02        Receiving Procedures

701    PPDC Policies

          701.01      Construction Site Access Policy

702    Procedures Concerning the Use of Campus Facilities