250   University of California Policies and Guidelines Pertaining to Research

260   Sponsored Projects

           260.01  UC Contract and Grant Manual

                       260.01a Protection of Human Subjects

                       260.01b Protection of Research Subjects

                       260.01c Review of Human Stem Cell Activities

           260.02  Principal Investigator Guidelines

           260.03  Requirement to Submit Proposals and Receive Awards through UCM

           260.04  Budgeting & Charging Administrative Expenses to
                        Sponsored Projects

261   Conflict of Interest

           261.01  UC Merced Conflict of Interest Policy

           261.02  UC Merced Policy of Conflict of Interest in Gifts

262   Export Control 

           262.01  Export Control Program and Responsibilities

263   Technology Transfer

           263.01  University of California Patent Policy

           263.02  Copyright Policies

           263.03  Intellectual Property

           263.04  Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of
                        Faculty Members