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Draft Policies and Procedures Posted for Comment




Revised UC Merced Interim Procedure on Assurance of Laboratory Safety Compliance


Applies To: All Principal Investigators (PI's) and anyone working in a UC Merced laboratory. 

Brief Description: The purpose of this procedure is to assure a healthy and safe working environment in UC Merced laboratories for all members of the campus community by outlining minimum safety procedural requirements. This procedure also establishes procedural requirements for preventing and correcting deficiencies including issues of non-compliance.

July 29, 2022
This has also been
submitted to the
Academic Senate
for consultation
in Fall 2022

Proposed Presidential Policy on Affiliations with Certain Healthcare Organizations


Applies To:  All University of California locations and programs that operate medical centers or that procure, provide, manage, administer, or otherwise arrange for the provision of healthcare services; or that educate health professions students, residents, fellows, or other trainees.

Brief Description: The proposed UC policy was initially issued as an interim policy and addresses the following key issues:

  • The policy supports the application of Regents Policy 4405 approved by the Board of Regents on July 22, 2021 to govern affiliation agreements between UC and healthcare organizations that have policy-based restrictions on care (each, a “covered organization”).
  • This Policy unequivocally states UC’s expectations regarding care provided by its personnel and trainees in any setting and specifically requires that UC providers be permitted to counsel patients concerning all healthcare options, prescribe any medically necessary medications, refer patients to any appropriate facility for care that they cannot receive where they are being seen, and perform emergency services as they deem necessary.
  • Agreements with a covered organization require certification of compliance with federal and state non-discrimination laws.
  • New affiliations with covered organizations cannot be entered into unless they comply with the new policy, and any existing affiliations with covered organizations that do not comply with the new policy must be phased out no later than December 31, 2023.

Guidelines and Recommendations regarding Community Safety Vehicles, Uniforms and Equipment (VUE)


Applies To: These guidelines apply to every tier in the campus/community safety models, including police officers, public safety providers and mental health responders.

Brief Description: UC Office of the President requests feedback on the draft Guidelines and Recommendations regarding Community Safety Vehicles, Uniforms and Equipment (VUE). This effort is tied to Action 1.14 of the UC Community Safety Plan.

Comment Period Ended
June 3, 2022

Proposed Presidential Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

(2nd Review)

Clean Copy

Redlined Copy


Applies To: This policy applies to all University employees, unpaid interns, and third parties. The policy applies at all University campuses, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Medical Centers, the Office of the President, and Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Brief Description: The proposed policy covers abusive conduct and retaliation by and against members of the University community in the workplace.

Comment Period Ended
June 2, 2022

UC Merced Policy
on Appointment of Search Advisory Committee Members


Applies To: This proposed UC Merced policy applies to recruitments into the Senior Management Group (SMG) personnel program.

Brief Description: The proposed policy sets forth specific standards for the composition of search advisory committees for recruitments into the Senior Management Group (SMG) personnel program and outlines associated roles and responsibilities.

Comment Period Ended
April 7, 2022

Proposed  Presidential Policy on UC Research Data (2nd Review)

Clean Copy

Redlined Copy


Applies To: This UC policy applies to all research data created during the course of University Research.

Brief Description: Ownership of research data by the UC Regents is a long-standing precept originally articulated in Regulation 4 (Academic Personnel Manual 020), where it states “Notebooks and other original records of the research are the property of the University.” Regulation 4 was issued in 1958, and it is still in effect. The purpose of the new Presidential Policy on University of California Research Data is to 1) clarify ownership of and responsibility for research data generated during the course of University Research, 2) encourage active data management practices, and 3) provide guidance with respect to procedures when a researcher leaves the University. This is the second systemwide review for this UC Policy.

Comment Period Ended
April 14, 2022

Proposed Revised Presidential Policy on Supplement to Military Pay



Applies To: This policy applies to all University academic and staff employees, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory employees.

Brief Description: This UC policy describes the salary supplement that is provided to those University academic and staff personnel serving on active military duty in support of an ongoing overseas military mobilization campaign. The proposed policy revisions include the following:

  • Removal of all references to the four-year review provision.
  • Additions/update of existing policy language including scope, definitions, benefits terminology, compliance/responsibility and procedures.
  • Updated links and addition of gender neutral language throughout the policy.
Comment Period Ended
April 19, 2022

Proposed Revisions to APM-759 
Leaves of Absence /
Other Leaves w/o Pay



Applies To: This personnel manual applies to academic appointees.

Brief Description: In May 2021, the Regents Working Group on Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship recommended in its final report that APM - 759 be revised to explicitly state that a leave without pay can be used for innovation and entrepreneurship pursuits. The proposed revisions to APM - 759 are responsive to the Regents Working Group recommendation.

Comment Period Ended
January 26, 2022

Proposed Presidential Policy on Integrated Pest Management


Applies To: All Pest management activities at all University-owned or -operated locations, including arrangements in which the University is either the lessor or lessee, with the exception of privately-owned residences on University property.

Brief Description: This UC policy establishes UC requirements for the implementation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, as well as oversight and minimum requirements for the use of Pesticides. Pesticide use in an IPM Program must occur only after the consideration of applicable risks to human and ecosystem health, and the determination, based on a careful and thorough evaluation, that other alternatives are not effective in obtaining the level of Pest management desired. This Policy requires that all Pesticide use be performed in a manner that mitigates risks to safety, health, and the environment and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Comment Period Ended
January 10, 2022