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Campus Environment and Compliance

101    UC Merced Mission Statement

102    UC Merced Principles of Community

104    Academic and Administrative Calendars
                   104.01        Academic
                   104.02        Administrative
105    Statement on Campus Policy and Procedure

106    Campus Delegations of Authority

108    Records Management
                    108.01        Records Retention and Disposition
                                108.01a     Records Disposition Schedules Manual
                                108.02b     Administrative Records Relating to Research

109    Public Records Information
                    109.01          Access to UC Merced Public Records
                                 109.01a        Information for UC Merced Employees
                    109.02          California Public Records Act (CPRA)
                    109.03          Information Practices Act of 1977 (IPA)

110    Sustainable Practices Policy

111    Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the
          University of California

112    UC Policy on Relations of the University Staff Members with State
          and Federal Officials  

113    UC Merced Policy on Prohibition of Abusive Conduct and Acts of Violence by University Employees and Non-Affiliates has been rescinded and replaced by the UC Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

114    UC Policy for Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act (CANRA)
                    114.01          UC Merced Child Abuse and Neglect Local Procedures

115    Policy on Expressive Activities and Assembly:  Protests,
          Demonstrations, Non-University Speakers and Posting on
          Campus and in University Facilities

116    UC Merced Email Access Upon Separation - Memo 7/5/2019  

117    Procedure for the Annual Notification and Biennial Review of UC Merced’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP)

118   UC Policy: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program

118.01 Executive Directive – UC Merced COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

119   Interim Response Protocol to the Death of UC Merced Community Member

120 (405) Audit & Compliance

120.01 (405.01) Internal Audit Manual

120.02 (405.02) HIPAA Policies

120.02a (405.02a) President Yudof's letter issuing revised policy

120.02b (405.02b) HIPAA Glossary

120.02c (405.02c) HIPAA Administrative Requirements

120.02d (405.02d) HIPAA Business Associates

120.02e (405.02e) HIPAA Information Security

120.02f (405.02f) HIPAA Breach Response

120.02g (405.02g) HIPAA Patients' Rights

120.02h (405.02h) HIPAA Uses and Disclosures

120.02i (405.02i) HIPAA Uses and Disclosures for Marketing

120.02j (405.02j) HIPAA Uses and Disclosures for Fundraising

120.02k (405.02k) HIPAA Uses and Disclosures for UC Group Health Plans

121 (406) Risk Management

121.01 (406.01) Insurance Programs

121.02 (406.02) Insurance Coverage for Students Engaged in Off-Campus Activities

121.03 (406.03) Loss of or Damage to Property of Individuals

121.04 (406.04) Certificates of Insurance Requirements

121.05 (406.05) Business Travel Accident Insurance

121.06 (406.06) Be Smart About Safety

121.07 (406.07) Enterprise Risk Management Policy

121.08 (406.08) Insurance Programs for Information Technology Systems (BUS-80)

121.09 (406.09) UC Merced Alcohol Sales and Service Procedures

121.09a (406.09a) Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

121.10 (406.10) Litigation Holds and Preservation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

121.11 (406.11) UC Merced Volunteer Services Procedures

122 (407) Controls and Accountability

122.01 (407.01) Whistleblower Policy

122.02 Whistleblower Protection Policy

122.02a Whistleblower Protection Policy Implementation Procedures

122.03 (407.03) Red Flag Policy

122.03a (407.03a) Red Flag Policy Attachment A

122.03b (407.03b) Red Flag Policy, Attachment B

122.03c (407.03c) Red Flag Rule Implementation Guide

123 (408) Ethics and Compliance

123.01 (408.01) Statement of Ethical Values

123.02 (408.02) Standards of Ethical Conduct

123.03 (408.03) Conflict of Interest

123.04 (408.04) Appropriate Use and Disposition of University Resources