Human Resources

601      UC Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy Regarding Academic and Staff Employment

602      UC Merced Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Policy

603      Academic Personnel Policies

604      Personnel Policies for Staff Member

604.01      Reemployment of UC Retired Employees Policy

604.02      UC Merced Background Check Procedures

604.02.01      Supervisor Guide to Performance Management

604.03      UC Merced Recruitment Procedures

604.03.01      "How To" Guide for Supervisors

604.03.02      Waiver of Recruitment: criteria and request form

604.04      UC Merced Maximum Vacation Accrual Procedure

604.04.01      Request to Exceed Maximum Vacation Accrual

604.01.a      Senior Management Salary and Appointment Issuance Letter

606      Policy on Public Disclosure of Compensation Information and Guidelines for Reporting Compensation

607      Collective Bargaining Agreements

607.01      Academic Student Employees (AGSE/UAW)

607.02      Coalition of University Employees (CUE)

607.03      Police Officers Unit (FUPOA)

607.04      AFSCME – Service

607.05      UC-AFT – Librarians

607.06      UC-AFT – Non-Senate Instructional (Lecturers)

607.07      UPTE – Research Support Professionals

607.08      UPTE – Technical

608      Diversity Statement

608.03      Guidelines for Academic and Staff Affirmative Action Compliance Programs for Minorities and Women, Individuals with Disabilities, and Covered Veterans

608.06      Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation

609      Sexual Harassment

609.02      Local Procedure for Claims of Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Involving Student Respondents

610      Americans With Disability Act

610.01      UC Merced ADA Procedures

610.02      UC Merced Disability Resources

611      Whistleblower Policies

611.02      Whistleblower Protection Policy

612      Telecommuting

612.01      Telecommuting Agreement

613     UC Merced Five-Year Senior Leadership Development Assessment for Members of the Senior Management Group (SMG)